FirstLine Website "Basic"

Small website suitable for any business

  • 15 pages Built for you
  • Includes: Products/Services pages; testimonials; FAQ; news/blog pages;
  • Easy to Add Pages; Easy to use Page Editing; Integrated site searching; Self generating site map;
  • Fast reliable secure Website hosting; Email support
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

Price: $39.00 per Month.

Set Up $5.00 


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The Service:

The Service includes: License to use shared web hosting and web-based software application that includes some or all of the following functionality:


  • Complete website, ready for the addition of content;
  • Self management of all features using the Content Management System - self manage your site without programmers, designers, IT specialists or knowledge of coding;
  • Access for page editing and website management from any Internet connected computer (anywhere in the world) through password protected login;
  • (No additional software is required on your computers, it works though Internet Explorer web browser);
  • Flexible, multi-level navigation menus, automatically generated on page creation;
  • Easy to manage web-site structure: (Change the location of pages in the site hierarchy, as required, with two mouse clicks);
  • Online wysiwyg web page editor. ("wysiwyg" = "What You See Is What You Get");
  • Spell checking available in the editor;
  • Easily create hyperlinks to other pages or external websites;
  • Easily upload images for inclusion in your pages;
  • Direct editing of HTML source is available (for expert use);
  • Multiple Languages (141 different languages including complex character sets like Chinese, Arabic, Thai);
  • Ability to upload and host computer files for download by site visitors. (eg PDF, Word, Excel, Power Point, RTF, music, sound, video, etc.);
  • SSL Encryption option;(Additional Cost for your own SSL security certificate)
  • Special Pages for "Page Not Found" and "Forbidden";
  • Page Editor access to set and edit "Meta Tags" for Keywords and Description;
  • Safe Edit: The publicly visible page remains unchanged while editing and while waiting approval.
  • No “Under Construction” pages are visible to the public. (only authorised page editors can see them);
  • Search Engine Friendly: Compatible with the requirements for all search engines;
  • Fast reliable secure Website hosting; (High speed (100Mbps) server connection to the Internet Backbone); 
  • 40 minute training session;
  • Telephone or email support 8am-8pm (weekdays);
  • *Site Map (Self Generating)

*Loading Content: 

  • Up to 15 pages of content (text and images provided electronically) supplied by you will be loaded by FirstLine.

*Photo Gallery

  • FirstLine will set up a photo gallery page, ready for you to upload your photos and thumbnail images.
 (Items marked * are activated on request (no extra charge))



Unless otherwise stated, the following items are not included the Service, but they may be provided for additional fees as agreed between the parties:

  • Domain Name Registration;
  • Email Hosting;
  • Additional Services (such as loading content; additional design; custom design of logos; design of animated graphics; writing or editing copy; photography; sourcing of images; supply of images or graphics; resizing of images; Activating Additional Services; Email Hosting, Domain Name Registration; Provision of SSL security Certificate; Search Engine Optimisation; Search Engine Marketing; Creating additional backup copies of the website and database; and other services)