Internet based email marketing system.

Email Marketing is your best choice for your marketing campaigns and real-time communications. It will fuel customer engagement, increase sales, and improve your return on marketing investments.


Here is a quick summary of some of the more important features of the system:

Easily send great looking email messages to thousands of users: (or just a few)

  • Great for newsletters, publicity, notifications, event invitations and many other uses;
  • Easy to use web interface editor to create and send messages;
  • Personalise every message, with the user's real name, suburb or any other detail from your list;
  • Easily handles 100,000 subscribers or more, but excellent for smaller lists too!
  • No duplicated messages. No subscriber will receive two copies (even if subscribed to more than one list);

Attachments and special messages:

  • You can upload  attachments to be included in every message;
  • PDF messages can be automatically created and sent as attachments;
  • You can provide a URL of a web-page and our system will fetch it and send it;

Know who opened your message, and who clicked the links:

  • View Tracking tells you how many users opened your message;*
  • Click tracking tracks clicks to links and URLs embedded in your message;
  • Individual user statistics tell you which emails any particular user has opened;
  • RSS feeds can be automatically sent to a list monthly, weekly, or daily;

Spam Act Compliant Subscribe Pages:

  • Firstline will provide and host subscribe/unsubscribe pages that comply with the Spam Act;
  • Subscriber Preferences: Every email contains personalised URL link to allow the subscriber to manage their own details, preferences, and list membership;
  • Subscribers can change their own email address. (Not possible in most mailing list managers);
  • You can add as many "subscriber attributes" as you like. (like country, interests, etc) to the subscribe forms;

Excellent User Management tools:

  • Make it easy to manage and maintain large databases of subscribers;
  • Bounce Processing keeps your database clean of unused and non-existent addresses;
  • Advanced Bounce Processing lets you set the system to distinguish between permanent and temporary delivery errors (such as Out-of-office responses);
  • Use CSV  (Excel) files to import your existing lists. (The database has features to help keep multiple databases synchronised without duplicating users.);

Scheduled Sending

  • You can prepare your emails in advance, and then set a future date and time for them to be sent;


The system is made available on a monthly subscription basis, depending on the number of subscribers.

The monthly subscription is as follows:

SubscribersPricing $
up to 500 10
501-2,500 20
2,501-5,000 30
5,001-10,000 50
10,001-25,000 130

FirstLine provides everything you need to be able to manage your subscribers and emails yourself, but if you would prefer that we do the work for you, then we can provide such support for $12 per ΒΌ hour.
There is no additional set-up fee. But if you have a graphic design that you would like to use for your emails then allow about $60 for our tech to convert that design to a suitable template.